FHL integrates corporate social  responsibility (CSR) into all its business activities with the belief that success is measured by more than just financial results. It is customer satisfaction, employee engagement, stringent governance practices and support for shareholders and the communities the Company serves.

This year, FHL participated in a number of events that add to the enhancement of the community within the FHL Group.

Communication with Shareholders

We believe that the success of FHL is dependent on our ability to build on trusted relationships with our stakeholders which include customers, Government, communities and employees. We continuously strive to ensure that through fair, transparent and appropriate methods, we release information which will help them make sound investment decisions.

Shareholders Workshop

At FHL, we aim to build shareholders confidence and expectations in their investments through a dedicated team focused at improving relationship with our shareholders.

For the past nine years, FHL has been holding interactive half day workshops. The workshop allows shareholders to interact with FHL and learn more about their investments, legal requirements for business, understanding the economy and updates on subsidiaries performances.

Information Disclosure

As a listed company, FHL is guided by the disclosure requirements of the South Pacific Stock Exchange which allows us to release information that promotes better shareholder understanding of our management policies and business activities.

Community Involvement

FHL is committed to strengthening the communities in which we operate and we continuously aim to make our economy a better place to live and work in. Our approach mainly involves supporting non profitable organizations such as the Salvation Army and other projects which are not limited to charitable work only.

TC Winston Rehabilitation Donation

The FHL Group contributed $10,000 towards Cyclone Relief and in addition to this, Basic Industries donated 10,000 concrete blocks, 50tons of cement were also contributed by Pacific Cement, Fiji TV contributed $20,000 worth of advertisement slots to telecast announcements from DISMAC and Red Cross. FHL Properties and Fund Management provided 100 cartons of dry rations whilst Standard Concrete donated approximately $10,400 worth of dry food rations to affected villagers in Wailotua, Lodoni and Dawasamu.

Apart from these efforts, FHL staff held a clothes drive with the proceeds donated to the Salvation Army and bound for Taveuni and Vanua Levu, FHL owned RB Patel provided dry rations in conjunction with Salvation Army and the Rotary Club of Suva. Blue Lagoon Cruises through its flagship program “Vinaka Fiji” brought in volunteers to assist those badly affected in the communities they operate in.

National Blood Drive

This year saw Fijian Holdings take part once again in the life saving initiative of donating blood. The event held in partnership with the National Blood Services,saw staff from the FHL Group and Directors donate. FHL is always keen to host the Blood Drive donation as it is viewed as an important way to support a life saving cause and ensure that our families have access to it when and where it is needed most.

Stationery Drive

Stationary    Drive
FHL    staff    collected    stationery    for    the    43    students    of    Gospel    School
of    the    deaf.    The    school    caters    for    students    from    around    the    region
and     outer     lying     islands.     Headmistress,     Mrs.     Nirmal     Mudaliar     says
the    school    focuses    providing    education    and    support    for    the    deaf
in    the    South    Pacific    with    the    youngest    student    is    a    3    year    old    boy
from    Lau.    FHL    staff    donated    basic    stationery    to    the    school    which
will    be    used    by    the    students.

Employee Survey

A snapshot of the Employees Initiative for the year, shows that there are still more males than females in the FHL Group. This is mainly due to the core businesses of its key subsidiaries. As part of the initiative to promote and retain within, more females are being promoted to critical positions within the Group. Staff development is continuing to enhance and equip our staff which have seen a low staff turnover in the Group.

Health and Wellness

The health and well-being of our employees is essential to achieving the desired productivity that FHL requires. As such, all staff were encouraged to take advantage of a free full medical check-up to ensure they continue to remain physically compatible with their daily tasks. During the year FHL organised staff power walk along Nasese after work and participated in the Fun Run held in Suva.

Social Activities

Every year, FHL Group hosts an annual sports day event, with the main objective of promoting team work and creating a fun-filled day of sports enjoyed by staff and family. This is followed by an Awards night, which recognises the achievements
made by the FHL Group during the year and outstanding staff are rewarded for their valuable contribution towards the year’s results. In conclusion, our corporate social responsibility programmes play a major role in the nurturing of the positive environment we are building for our shareholders, stakeholders, employees and the community at large.

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