The Year in Review

Year In Review

Na Raici Lesu Ni Yabaki Vakailavo

✪ Fiji TV - secured the rights to broadcast the Tokyo Olympic on its free to air channel, Fiji One.

July, 2021

✪ FHL appointed - Nacagilevu as Tanya Group Manager Human Resources; Ritesh Dass as CEO for Basic Industries; and Naibuka Saune as CEO for Merchant Finance
✪ FTV & RBG - released FY21 audited financial statements.

September, 2021

✪ RBG - declared a final dividend of 1.2 cents per share, amoun- ting to $1.8m.

October, 2021

✪ Fiji TV released its Annual Report 2021.
✪ Fiji TV & RBG - released it's Notice of Annual Meeting.
✪ Fiji TV analogue free to air transmitter in Suva and Nadi would shut down from 1/12/21.
✪ FHL released its Annual General Meeting resolutions and Presentations.

November, 2021

✪ Fiji TV - had been granted a Television Broadcast Operator License for a period of 12 years with effect from 1/12/21.
✪ RBG - opened a new branch at the My FNPF Centre in Nadi Town.
✪ RBG & FTV - released its General Meeting Annual Resolutions.

December, 2021

✪ RBG - declared an interim dividend of 2 cents per share, amounting to $3.0m.

January, 2022

✪ FHL Group recorded a net profit after tax of $9.7m for six months ending the 31/12/21.

November, 2021

✪ FHL appointed Kaloumaira as Manager Elenoa Group Investments as (Interim); Andy Yuen General Manager for FHL Properties; and Rizwan Hussain as Head of Credit for Merchant Finance.

December, 2021

✪ Fiji TV HSBC Sevens 2022 tournaments would be viewed live on Fiji One.
✪ FHL declared $1.5m as interim dividend, based on the Holding Company and the Group's performance for the nine months ending 31/03/22.

January, 2022

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