FHL Marks 40th Anniversary and Declares Special Dividend

Fijian Holdings Limited humbly marks its 40th anniversary today.

To commemorate this significant milestone and as a special gift to our valued shareholders, the Board of Directors is pleased to announce the declaration of a special dividend totalling $2 million. This special dividend aligns with our dividend policy and is reflective of the strong financial performance to 31st May 2024.

Rokoseru Nabalarua, Chairman of the FHL Group said that “the Board is incredibly proud to commemorate the 40th anniversary milestone and reflects the company’s enduring commitment to its purpose, strong governance, and creating value for our shareholders. This additional dividend is our way of thanking our shareholders for their commitment to FHL and their unwavering support”.

The Board is also incredibly thankful to the Great Council of Chiefs for their foresight, company founders and all the former directors and officers of who have dedicated their time in building FHL,” said Mr. Nabalarua.

Mr. Nabalarua also clarified that the celebration of the 40th Anniversary milestone will be held later in the year to coincide with the opening of the FHL Tower.

In accordance with the SPX listing rules on dividend declaration and payments, the FHL Shareholders registry will close on 17th July 2024 and the dividend will be paid out to its shareholders on 25th July 2024.


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