History Of Fijian Holdings Limited

Fijian Holdings Limited (FHL) was incorporated in 1984 to fulfil the objectives of the leaders of the iTaukei people of Fiji, creating an entity that meaningfully represented itaukei in the business sector and ensured their meaningful participation in the Fijian economy. FHL shareholders include provincial councils, the iTaukei Land Trust Board, the iTaukei Affairs Board, tikina and village groups, iTaukei co- operatives, individual iTaukei and family companies. Its investments give the iTaukei significant shareholding in major companies thus helping to achieve the objective of bringing the iTaukei fully into the mainstream of Fiji’s economy. FHL has also broadened the scope of its training programme wherein young iTaukei are prepared and groomed for business utilising the resources of its subsidiary companies.

Mission Statement

FHL Group Core Values

FHL Group Core Purpose

“To accelerate the participation of iTaukei in the commercial sector and in doing so, enhance their socio-economic standing”

FHL Group Vision

“To be the most innovative investment Group in the South Pacific”
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